I made a game last month.

SKYVINE is an endless game where you have to avoid obstacles while climbing up to infinity. It’s very simple, not that original, and sadly not very fun.

The little guy in the game has multiple items in his backpack. Every time you get hit by an obstacle, you lose an item. The less you have, the faster you go. The less you’re good at it, the more it gets difficult. You can also drop items if you want to by pressing SPACEBAR to get higher quicker. But it’s a gamble!

Despite its awful game design, it was made for a game jam (I had a month to do it), and I should be happy I was able to finish it. There’s music, SFXs, fantastic graphics (thanks Cab!), a full flow (intro, game, outro), and you can kill cats in it! How awesome is that!?

That game was my first try at developing a personal project as a dad. I should be proud of myself as I worked an hour here and there on it when time allowed.

So, here it is! Play it, hate it, and wish me good luck on my next project!